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My Offer Concept- and Strategy Development: Direct-marketing Communication In store-promotions Sales-promotions Text: Copy text/storyboards Headlines/slogans Mailings/invitations Public relations, internet Print-campaigns Stylistic revision of translations into German My Commitment Draft writings, which people will simply like to read! Develop concepts leading quickly to long-lasting success! Offer consultancy in order to pass on experience! The Text-back Guarantee It is always difficult to judge the strength and quality of a new text. Sometimes both partners are in harmony: You speak the same language, briefing sessions turn out to be so exiting that even after hours one would still produce new ideas. Sometimes though, working together can be a nightmare! In order to let you find out whether my work comes up to your expectations, you will be granted a text-back guarantee for your first order. You can email, fax or mail your briefing to me. Within 24 hours, you will receive a cost estimate as well as a timing based on your instructions. On receipt of a release note, I will draw up the requested text. Should you be satisfied with my work, you will receive an invoice by return. In case you should not be happy, please return the writing - there will be no subject for any discussion! If my writing, my homepage go down well with you, then we should get in contact. It is worth a try since we seem to be on the same wavelength!

The Concept Concepts are thought patterns and plots, which allow not only to "make the write things" (effectiveness), but also to "make things in the write way" (efficiency). Concepts function like a kind of timetable showing where a company stays, what it wants to reach and by which means all this shall be realised. My concepts are based not only on a logical but also on a pragmatic conceptional process: targeting, strategy formulation, determination of measures. This conception process complies with scientific requirements as well as practically oriented ones. Due to reasons of secrecy, I will unfortunately not be able to submit any samples of my work.

Consulting My consultancy services are especially designed for advertising agencies - having been invited to a tender - having poor experience of retail business or - wanting to acquire a specific customer of the food industry. Turn my knowledge as a product manager into your benefit. This may be your head start on someone else!

My Experience You can benefit from my varied experience gained in sectors such as industry, agency and publishing: As a product manager with a renowned international company in the food industry I was responsible for - the preparation and implementation of launches and re-launches, - the creation of marketing-strategies including budget-responsibility, - the implementation of market analysis as well as competition analysis - the preparation of suitable measures based on these analysis. Furthermore, I was in charge of - analysing potentials - drafting diagrams of complex studies, - developing management summaries and appropriate recommendation, - preparing presentations. As a team-member, I took part in - carrying out international market research projects, - analysing and interpreting the results of these projects for the German-speaking countries. Further tasks were - to secure market leadership by innovations, - the design of communication-strategies and promotions, - the elaboration of the corporate brand strategy in cooperation with the marketing manager. In addition, I was responsible - for the control of a promotion-agency - starting with the initial briefings, through realisation, up to success control. The training of - sales personnel and - staff members of the promotion agency. Market and Public Relations with a "publishing agency" - the successful mixture between agency and publishing house, where I was responsible for - a broadcast of the ARD, the German Broadcasting Company. My main task was to acquire profitable cooperation partners such as SCHNEEKOPPE, TUI, FUTUREKIDS and OLYMPUS,.for joint events and promotions. Furthermore, I was responsible for the - acquisition and management of - publishers like MILKY WAY, OLYMPUS, HERTA and BARILLA. In cooperation with these companies, I developed - participations at fairs, - in store-promotions for the book trade - sales promotion strategies. Due to my knowledge of public relations, gained in an international tourism organisation, as well as my experiences with journalists and editorial staff, I was soon entrusted with public relations work for publishers. My main task was - to investigate suitable media-partners, - to write press releases, - to put together and mail press documents - to evaluate campaign results. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.