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My Experience

You can benefit from my varied experience gained in sectors such as industry, agency and publishing:

As a product manager with a renowned international company in the food industry

I was responsible for

- the preparation and implementation of launches and re-launches,
- the creation of marketing-strategies including budget-responsibility,
- the implementation of market analysis as well as competition analysis
- the preparation of suitable measures based on these analysis.

Furthermore, I was in charge of
- analysing potentials
- drafting diagrams of complex studies,
- developing management summaries and appropriate recommendation,
- preparing presentations.

As a team-member, I took part in
- carrying out international market research projects,
- analysing and interpreting the results of these projects for the German-speaking countries.

Further tasks were
- to secure market leadership by innovations,
- the design of communication-strategies and promotions,
- the elaboration of the corporate brand strategy in cooperation with the marketing manager.

In addition, I was responsible
- for the control of a promotion-agency
- starting with the initial briefings, through realisation, up to success control.

The training of
- sales personnel and
- staff members of the promotion agency.

Market and Public Relations with a "publishing agency" - the successful mixture between agency and publishing house,
where I was responsible for
- a broadcast of the ARD, the German Broadcasting Company. My main task was to acquire profitable cooperation partners such as SCHNEEKOPPE, TUI, FUTUREKIDS and OLYMPUS,.for joint events and promotions.

Furthermore, I was responsible for the
- acquisition and management of
- publishers like MILKY WAY, OLYMPUS, HERTA and BARILLA.

In cooperation with these companies, I developed
- participations at fairs,
- in store-promotions for the book trade
- sales promotion strategies.

Due to my knowledge of public relations, gained in an international tourism organisation, as well as my experiences with journalists and editorial staff, I was soon entrusted with public relations work for publishers. My main task was
- to investigate suitable media-partners,
- to write press releases,
- to put together and mail press documents
- to evaluate campaign results.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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